Photojournalist of the Year (Large Markets) 

National Press Photographers Association 

Northern Photographer of the Year 

Northern Short Course in Photojournalism 

New England Photographer of the Year 

National Press Photographers Association 

Photographer of the Year 

Virginia News Photographers Association 

Photographer of the Year  

NC Press Photographer's Association (twice) 

Magazine Cover, Best of Photojournalism (twice) 

National Press Photographer's Association 

Pulitzer Prize Nomination 

A Chance in Hell (documentary work on a trauma hospital in Kandahar, Afghanistan) 

NPPA's Best of Photojournalism Awards 

1st Place, Portrait 

1st Place, Enterprise Picture Story 

2nd Place, Local Portrait/Personality 

2nd Place, Contemporary Issues 

3rd Place, Sports Feature 

3rd Place, Domestic News Picture Story 

Honorable Mention, International News Story 

Honorable Mention, Enterprise Picture Story  

Pictures of the Year International 

1st Place Feature Multimedia Story (shared) 

2nd Place Long Form Multimedia Documentary(team) 

3rd Place Newspaper Feature 

Award of Excellence, Feature 

Award of Excellence, Pictorial 

Award of Excellence, Portrait 

Award of Excellence, Science and Natural History Picture Story 

Award of Excellence, Issue Reporting Picture Story 

South Carolina Photo of the Century 

(1 of 15) 

Associated Press 

Society for News Design 

Silver Award 

Photography/Single Photos/Portrait 

Award of Excellence 

Photography/Single Photos/Illustration 

Award of Excellence 

Photography/Single Photos 

Award of Excellence 

Photography/Photo Story 

Editor & Publisher, Photos of the Year 

First Place, Features  

Honorable Mention, Single Image 


Best of Show 

Northern Short Course 

Best of Show 

Southern Short Course 

Best of Show 

Virginia Press Photographers Association 

Photographer of the Year, Runner-Up 

Northern Short Course in Photojournalism 

Southern Short Course in Photojournalism 

Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar 

Virginia News Photographer Association  

Award for Journalistic Integrity and Community Service 

Virginia Press Association